Formatting Templates

The numerous jurisdictions and courts a litigator may practice in requires adhering to the document formatting rules set forth by those courts. Worse, these formatting requirements may change without notice, and it is the responsibility of a litigator and their team to ensure compliance. ezBriefs streamlines this process and removes the worry with unlimited formatting templates that can be customized to please even the pickiest of judges.

Also known as schemes, styles, or preferences, formatting templates ensure that a legal drafter meets all formatting requirements a court may impose. Unlike other legal drafting software solutions, ezBriefs presents customizable templates in an accessible dropdown list so regardless of the jurisdiction a brief is being filed in, drafters can be assured that they create a brief that meets a judge’s requirements. ezBriefs empowers users to create, quickly access, and leverage their one-time built templates conveniently to produce complying and persuading briefs including Tables of Authorities. The ease of use and simplicity of ezBriefs’ formatting templates ensures that even the most minute formatting requirements imposed by a court will be adhered to in a Table of Authorities every time a legal document containing cited authority is filed.

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