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Benchly’s mission is to provide solutions that are simple to understand, easier to use, and less cost-intensive than our high-priced counterparts. Benchly offers the most comprehensive and technologically advanced solutions of its kind with the commitment to never cease optimizing these solutions for the betterment of our clients’ experiences.

As an organization, Benchly maintains several values that contradict a “corporate-esque” mainstream which so many clients experience in the litigation process today. Benchly pivoted early on from subscribing to that approach and rather upholds principles associated with maximizing the value-add of litigation support services to both legal teams and their own clients. Additionally, Benchly focuses on providing a service model where customers can be confident that their questions or issues are resolved promptly and by a human, rather than a robot. Overall, Benchly ensures that the quest for technological advancement, superior service, and cost-effective solutions will never compromise the value-add customers experience from the company.

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