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Tables of Authorities
in 2 hours minutes.

Find all the cited authority in your brief, motion, pleading or any document containing cited authority with the click of a button.

Confirm those citations by cross-referencing against our comprehensive case law database while automatically fixing any detected errors.

Format your table according to the rules and requirements of the court you are filing in and save that template for unlimited future use.

Build a Table of Authorities that is expedient, accurate, and appealing.

Be confident that your end work product is an affirmative reflection of you and your practice.

Litigators know that the law requires precision, attention to detail, and a splash of bravado. With ezBriefs, these key elements quickly become standard in a firm’s briefing practice while simultaneously giving you
an advantage over opposing counsel.

From the moment opposing counsel files to the final minutes of a major deadline, ezBriefs streamlines how you draft, review,
and handle your litigation documents.

See how simple drafting, sharing, and reviewing documents
containing cited authority is with ezBriefs.

Easy, precise briefing.
From start to filing.

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An industry first.

Accurate & Efficient
Table of Authorities

The only TOA add-in to leverage Microsoft Word’s native TA entries so your entire team can receive, edit, and share without license limitations.

A Check in the Win Column
Use ezBriefs to find inconsistencies in opposing counsel’s arguments and leverage them to produce a favorable outcome.

Befriend the Judge
With automatic hyperlinking to the Benchly full case law database, recipients of your brief can quickly pull the cases you cited- without a license or log in to ezBriefs.

Cross-Platform Sharing
Share your work product, whether it’s finished or unfinished, with anyone. The receiving party can make edits and add cited authority without an ezBriefs license.

Don't take our word for it.

“ezBriefs helps my team build an accurate, customizable table of authorities for appellate briefs in a fraction of the time that manual creation would take. It has quickly become an essential component of our daily practice.”

Andrew Gould

Head of Appellate Practice
Arnold & Itkin LLP
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“ezBriefs has brought an element of professionalism and skillset to our practice that is enough to both impress and potentially intimidate (in a good way) opposing counsels. For the investment, the product is totally worth it, and has fundamentally improved our briefing practice.”

George Edwards

Managing Partner
Edwards Sutarwalla PLLC
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"Just as promised, ezBriefs saves me a lot of time. It is also very easy to use. The training was so well done, that I did not even have to call for backup assistance on my first time to use the program."

Raynel Ward

Legal Secretary
Crain, Caton & James

“ezBriefs is an essential part of my preparation for oral argument and my appellate practice in general. When I prepare for oral argument, I read every case and statute cited in the briefs. In the past it would take hours to compile for me or an associate to locate and download all of the cases cited in the parties’ briefs, now it takes minutes. That feature alone is worth having ezBriefs."

Dan Siegel

Law Offices of Daniel J. Siegel
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“When I use ezBriefs to create a Table of Authorities, it has worked flawlessly with very little cleanup. The step-by-step guide is clear and easy to follow. Generally, I receive the document with late notice and the TOA has to be done quickly and this program speeds up the process.”

Linda Thomas

Office Administrator
Jordan Lynch & Cancienne
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“ezBriefs has provided a simple, easy to use and highly accurate way to format and create tables of authorities. The program is user friendly and can be easily navigated even if you don’t have experience with creating tables. This program has been a life saver for our firm and has taken the stress out of creating tables in our most important documents.”

Ali Constant

Legal Assistant
Murphy & Evertz
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“ezBriefs is an intuitive and cost-effective program which has saved my firm the time and hassle associated with preparing a table of authorities on the day of filing. If you have a busy litigation practice and you're looking for ways to automate that step of the process, I highly recommend ezBriefs."

Dean McGee

Head of Civil Litigation
McCabe Coleman Ventosa & Patterson PLLC
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“ezBriefs has made building Tables of Authorities seamless. In just minutes, it finds and cross-references case law, altering any errors and takes away the need to spend hours on cite and quote checking. ezBriefs has been a game changer for our law firm in taking the timely burden of building Tables of Authorities and making it quick and easy for users of any skill level."

Lacey Russo

Shub & Johns
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"For years I have used the MS Word table of authorities tool to generate the needed citations for my legal briefs. ezBriefs fixes the manual problems in that process by finding all of the citations in your brief and cross-checking them with the click of a button. In my opinion, if you write briefs regularly and need to generate a TOA, ezBriefs is well worth the money."

Adam Toraya

Appellate Attorney
Bailey & Toraya, LLP
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"I have been using ezBriefs for a few months now and am really impressed with all its advanced features. I like the TOA generator as it eliminates any manual effort and is always accurate. Another outstanding feature is the ability to generate hyperlinks for the cases cited and the ability to view the case details as well. I highly recommend ezBriefs to all legal professionals."

Abhijit Bagal

Law Student
NWCU School of Law
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"I have tried, in vain, various software that promised to do what ezBriefs does. ezBriefs is simple to use and, it works!"

Thomas Manion

Manion Law
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"I have complicated civil rights cases in federal and state court. I came across Benchly and used their ezBriefs product for the purpose of generating the Table of Authorities for my brief. WOW! I can't believe how much time and stress it relieved. Thank you ezBriefs."

Laurence Sweeney

Law Offices of Laurence E. Sweeney
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Quotation marks for testimonial cards
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