Cite Capture

When crafting a thorough and compelling argument within a brief, there should be no limit to which authorities legal drafters can use at their disposal. ezBriefs recognizes this and provides the built-in Cite Capture tool to instantly find, mark, and categorize authorities ranging from law journals, legal encyclopedias, and any authority in between. Enhance your argument, increase efficiency, and produce a clean table of authorities with Cite Capture.

A legal brief can reference both primary authorities and secondary authorities to support counsel’s argument. While primary authorities include federal and state cases, constitutional provisions, statutes, and rules and regulations, secondary authorities can be citations to a variety of sources. Some of these sources are referenced as law journals or law reviews, articles, treatises, legal encyclopedias, municipal codes, county ordinances and many others. With the ezBriefs Cite Capture tool, legal drafters can automatically find all citations matching the original citation placed into the tool. This feature works in concert with the Find tool to simplify the tedious finding and marking process for hard-to-locate secondary authorities and sources. Use Cite Capture to save time, increase accuracy, and pinpoint secondary authorities to build the most comprehensive and persuasive briefs and table of authorities with ease.

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From Rules to Reviews, capture every authority.

Cite Capture will find and mark any authority you tell it to, including:

Mandatory Authorities
Federal Cases and State Cases
Constitutional Provisions
StatutesRules and Regulations

Persuasive Authorities
Legal Encyclopedias
Law Review Articles
Jury instructions

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