Benchly Accessibility Policy

Benchly, Inc. Information and Communication Technology Accessibility Policy

1. Accessibility of Information and Communication Technology Policy
In its commitment to inclusion, Benchly, Inc. seeks to ensure that persons with disabilities are afforded equal access to Information and Communication Technology relating to Benchly, Inc. products, including ezBriefs. Furthermore, Benchly commits that Information and Communication Technology products, including ezBriefs, and products developed, acquired, or updated after the effective date of this policy, shall be accessible to individuals with disabilities. Benchly, Inc. further commits that the organization will perform the best possible efforts to ensure that all communication about these product developments, acquisitions, and updates is accessible to all persons. To adequately measure accessibility, all Information and Communication Technology shall, at a minimum, conform with the Benchly, Inc. Information and Communication Technology Accessibility Policy Standards.

2. Assistance Any requests that seek assistance with Information and Communication Technology Accessibility can be sent to or by calling 281-293-9900. Individuals or entities seeking the Benchly, Inc. Voluntary Product Accessibility Template (VPAT®) may retrieve it from under the Accessibility tab or submit a request via either of the two aforementioned contact methods. Should a request be submitted, the requestor has the option of receiving a written (mailed) or electronic copy.

3. Complaints
Any person or entity who wishes to express a complaint about accessibility of any Benchly, Inc. product may do so by contacting or 281-293-9900. If a person or entity is not satisfied with a proposed resolution, that person or individual is encouraged to contact the United States Access Board, who is responsible for ensuring Section 508 compliance by email: or by telephone (TTY compatible): 202-272-0080.

5. Policy Review
The Accessibility Coordinator, in conjunction with the assistance of a review group, will begin review of this Information and Communication Technology Accessibility Policy and subsequently will make any and all necessary revisions in June of each calendar year at an annual interval.

Benchly Voluntary Product Accessibility Template (VPAT)
To request a courtesy electronic or written (mailed) copy of the Benchly Voluntary Product Accessibility Template (VPAT), email or call 281-293-9900.

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