Hyperlinked Brief

Submitting a hyperlinked brief to the court or sharing one with co-counsel provides for many opportunities and potential advantages. Litigators can quickly gain favor with a court due to the seamlessness a hyperlinked brief offers both parties. ezBriefs takes this practicality one step further with its Freeview concept that automatically creates a shareable, hyperlinked brief any recipient can access without a license or log in with just one click. 

A hyperlinked brief (or ebrief) is a brief that contains citations with pinpoint hyperlinks tied to the source the citation is referencing. Including hyperlinks in your brief simplifies a judge’s workflow, increases their focus, and is even required by some courts. Although a hyperlinked brief’s intent is to expedite the review process for a judge, often the citations within a brief are hyperlinked to external websites that present a paywall such as Westlaw, LexisNexis, Casetext, or Fastcase. ezBriefs, however, utilizes the Benchly case law database to present a free, uninterrupted review for your brief’s recipient without any log in credentials needed. The purpose of a hyperlinked brief is to save time and increase efficiency for those reviewing a brief, yet all too often judges experience frustration when trying to access the material being cited, defeating the purpose of hyperlinking altogether.

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