Detecting Citation Errors with SpotCite

In high-stakes civil suits, criminal appeals, or when heading to trial, errors and mistakes are intolerable. Throughout the litigation cycle mountainous document drafting and review only increases the likelihood of encountering deviations from accepted citation format or generative artificial intelligence produced hallucinations. However, for the legal teams using ezBriefs, their focus is on strategic argument crafting for their clients thanks to ezBriefs’ ability to detect and correct citation errors. Increase accuracy, win more cases, and preserve your firm’s reputation by eliminating errors in your litigation documents with the SpotCite feature in ezBriefs.

Apart from being complex, a legal brief serves multiple purposes for all parties involved in litigation. While the standard use of a brief is to serve as a written argument for the court’s consideration, these litigation documents are also a reflection of the filing attorneys’ and law firms’ aptitudes. When deviations from accepted citation formats occur in briefs, motions, pleadings, or other documents containing cited authority, previously established credibility is quickly diminished and uncertainty from both the court and opposing counsel can harm a suit’s potential outcome. Worse, briefs containing hallucinatory cases produced by generative artificial intelligence can expose attorneys to sanctions and malpractice suits. ezBriefs prevents these scenarios by using the SpotCite feature to automatically detect and correct errors directly within the brief and table of authorities so legal professionals can concentrate on high value work for their clients rather than pesky citation and formatting mistakes.

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