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WHY BENCHLY? Since 2008, BENCHLY has been developing groundbreaking legal tech solutions with the goal of improving the quality of practice for lawyers and legal professionals around the world.

Seasoned litigation specialists, technology experts, developers and entrepreneurs make up the BENCHLY team. We hire and partner with only the most talented and innovative specialists to provide faster, more accurate and more cost-effective research tools that will help legal companies and practices of all sizes get more than they did with yesterday’s solutions.

Our solutions transform the way legal research is performed. Our revolutionary machine learning platform streamlines the legal research workflow, improves efficiency and delivers better results. We are confident that you will enjoy doing business with us as much as we do servicing your needs.


Our customers love us! Read what they have to say below.

"Beyond Legal Research is the most innovative approach to legal research on the market."

Kenneth Odom

Attorney at Law

The power of the concept search bar in Beyond Legal Research is phenomenal.
─ actually, it’s unique.

Carol Wilson

Legal Research Assistant

A visionary reinvention of the way you do case law research. This is a great tool all lawyers need.

Robert Lopez

Attorney at Law